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Professional Triathlete

World Ranked Number Two

Lucy was a member of the British Swimming open water squad. She is now a multiple Ironman Champion and hold's the current swim record in Kona, Hawaii. Lucy quickly expanded her knowledge from swimming into the world of triathlon and is one of the fastest long-distance athletes with multiple sub-9-hour Ironman Finishes.

You’ll be in safe hands with Lucy’s added experience and knowledge of open water swimming if you’re looking to improve your stroke and be 1st out of T1 the skills Lucy can provide will be invaluable

“I have acquired a vast amount of open water skills from my experience of racing for GBR and have used that knowledge gained to my advantage in triathlon.”

Lucy’s passion for coaching stemmed from a young age where she was a volunteer coach at her local swimming club and area ambassador for the sport. At just 16 years of age, she was already running sports motivation seminars in local primary schools

“I enjoyed coaching from a very young age, my Dad was a volunteer at my local swimming club, so I spent much time on poolside with him helping coach the younger swimmers.”

Lucy’s passion for coaching materialized into a full-time profession when she turned 18 and became a Personal trainer and a full-time professional athlete.

“People often asked how I found time to balance my training with working long hours as a coach, my responses where simple if you discover a ‘job’ that you enjoy then you’ll never have to work another day in your life.’’

If you're looking for a coach who has been there and done it all, then Lucy is the right choice for you. Her skills in triathlon and passion for coaching will surely help you achieve your goals.

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