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Team Charles-Barclay
Training Community

Global Community

Our goal is to evolve Team Charles-Barclay to become an inclusive, affordable, global training community, suitable for beginners through to elite amateurs. We’ve always wanted to build a community that enables you to achieve the best version of yourself, with us in your corner.


This programme is available to athletes all over the world via the Kollektiv app. Join the team and surround yourself with like minded people plus get extra behind the scenes access to the training lives of Lucy & Reece.


Personalised Training Programme

We are proud to present an incredible new platform backed by an expert human performance team, the Team Charles-Barclay training community will provide personalised training and bring you closer to our knowledge than ever before.

Not only will you receive a plan week-by-week tailored towards your specific goals and following our coaching ethos, but you will have access to Team Charles-Barclay resources that are not available anywhere else!

Start your training journey today.

We understand the challenges that come with reaching your goals. Whether you're training for your first Triathlon, a weekend warrior wanting more structured training, or you simply wish to achieve whatever goals you have set yourself - the Kollektiv app enables us to support you on your journey. 

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