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Professional Triathlete

Professional Coach & Fitness Trainer

Reece is both academically and athletically accomplished with a BSc Sports Science degree and 3 Ironman World Championship Kona qualification to his name. Reece’s sporting background is diverse, ranging from squash to Swimming and achieving national standard in both, that’s before mentioning that he is also a black belt in karate so is no stranger to discipline.

''I believe the discipline learned from karate at a young age helped mold my future, I do not believe I am naturally talented as I have had to work incredibly hard at both my sports and education. The knowledge I gained from my degree has given me the tools to plan structured and effective training programmes. My first triathlon client was, in fact, myself, and I can say that I did a good job as I have recently qualified for Kona by winning my age group at Ironman UK. I strongly believe my structured, attention to detail approach to training is why my improvement in triathlon was so fast, perhaps the ten years I spent swimming before triathlon helped a little.’’

Reece is also a full-time Personal Trainer and has established a healthy client base at Pulse Fitness Personal Trainers Ltd

‘’My passion for coaching is equal to, if not greater, than my passion for competing. I take my clients' goals very seriously and adopt their targets as my own to make sure they succeed. I get just as motivated and proud of seeing my clients reach their target as I do myself when competing.’’

If you’re serious about progressing your triathlon performance and looking for a scientific approach with attention to detail, then look no further. Reece has all the ingredients to make you not only reach your goals but positively annihilate them

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